Misheard Lyrics

My lovely bumbling mate sometimes has an issue hearing song lyrics correctly.  This wouldn’t be a problem (and to be honest it’s not), but she regularly sings them out loud which is very amusing to everyone else.  Our all time favourite (she has a few and I’ll include another later on) was her joining in with the song Reasons Not To Be An Idiot by Frank Turner.  The line should be:

“She’s so wrapped up in her invisible amour”. 

The version we all enjoyed was:

“She’s so wrapped up with her invisible llama”.

True story.

Anyway, this got me thinking about misheard lyrics as it’s always been something that amuses me no end.  It’s a subject that comes up quite often and I think most people have either had an experience where they’ve got the words wrong and perhaps made a clown of themselves, or someone they know has and it’s become something of legend.

Sticking with my fab friend above, another of her classics was thinking that the song Enola Gay by OMD (you know the anti-war song about the Hiroshima bomb) was actually called and had the lyrics of Alone Again.  A certain amount of irony in that one perhaps.

There’s a couple of classics that always make me howl.  I’m sure you’ve heard them before, but my all time favourites are:

Madonna: Erotica – “Bill Oddie, Bill Oddie, put your hands all over my body”.

Robert Palmer: Addicted to Love – “Might as well face it, you’re a dick with a glove”.

As it seemed to be an amusing subject, I turned to Twitter and asked the folks on there if they had any stories or lyrics they wanted to share.  And guess what?  Of course they did!

Mark (@bringitonskippy) told me that he always thought that the J Geils Band were singing about their girlfriend being the Centre Forward.

Two people seemed to be having a bit of trouble with Fall Out Boy and their song This Ain’t A Scene, It’s An Arms Race.  David (@davidbruce) was convinced the words are “this ain’t a scene, it’s a goddam arse face”,  while Dawn (@Miss_D_xx) overheard part of it as “I’m a little man, and I’m also evil, also into cats”.

Neil (@recrwplay) was very fond of “Young girl, with eyes like potatoes” for Madonna’s La Isla Bonita.

David also thought that Air were singing about Sexy Pudding in their song Sexy Boy and that Primal Scream had the lyrics “Get your rock salt, get your rock salt honey”.

An old mate, Mark, always sung the lyrics to Sound of Eden by Shades of Rhythm completely wrong.  The real line is “She leaves me breathless”, but he heard it as “She brings me branflakes”.  I have no idea why there would be breakfast options in a ’90s dance classic, but hey-ho…


Here’s a link to a great website which has loads of these on it.  Hours worth of entertainment on kissthisguy.com.  Check it out.

A couple more to finish then.

Duffy should be singing about Mercy, but it actually sounds very much like “You got me begging you for birdseed”.

And finally, I always hear the words to Weak Become Heroes by The Streets totally wrong. The correct words are “We were just standing there minding our own”, but I hear (and sing them out loud as) “We’re just living in our Barratt Homes”.

Let me know what your favourites are!



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