Gig Review – Turin Brakes Live In Nottingham

18 February 2016 at The Rescue Rooms, Nottingham

Turin Brakes are back on the road to promote their new album Lost Property and opened their tour in great style at The Rescue Rooms in Nottingham last night.  I haven’t seen them live in a while and was very excited to witness the opening gig.

I got there pretty early and nabbed a spot upstairs with a direct view of the stage.  The room below slowly filled up and I was pleased not to have anyone in front of me so I could watch the show and absorb it all.

The support act for the evening, and for most of the upcoming tour, was the lovely Tom Speight.  While I was positioning myself to get a good view of the stage he actually appeared upstairs before his slot to take in the crowd and the acoustics and stood next to me.  My tiny claim to fame for the evening!  His set, which lasted around half an hour, was very well received and at one point he came down into the audience and played in amongst the crowd. I very much enjoyed his performance and I think he will definitely be someone to watch out for in the future.


Now for the main event and the reason why the room was full on a chilly February night. Walking onto the stage the four piece said a hello before opening the evening with 96 from the new album.  This was closely followed by Keep Me Around (which has been getting some serious radio play) as they got into their stride and set us up for a great show.  Olly openly told the crowd that as this was the first night he would probably be looking like a rabbit in the headlights throughout the evening, but this wasn’t that evident to me.

The band looked comfortable on stage and I gave a smile to myself when I saw Rob and Eddie give each other a fist-bump part way through the night as they were clearly relaxed and feeling good about the set.  Gale also looked to be enjoying himself and there was a wonderful moment when the crowd were singing back the lyrics and his face lit up with the most beautiful, yet humble smile.  My heart melted.  As for Olly, well he spent a lot of the evening with his eyes closed, hand on heart looking like he was feeling absolutely everything. And this is one of the reasons why I love this band.  They genuinely look like they appreciate that the crowd are there to see them which was truly a great thing to be part of.

The set-list was a mixture of old and new songs which kept the audience happy throughout. We were treated to Future Boy, Slack, Mind Over Money and of course the wonderful Underdog from The Optimist LP.  There was the crowd pleasing Fishing for A Dream and the beautiful Forever from Jackinabox while the upbeat Last Chance from Dark On Fire got us moving.  From Lost Property (which I expected to be featured heavily) on top of the opening numbers we also got to hear Rome played live for the first time.  The album title track and Jump Start sounded great and the epic Black Rabbit was there as something of an emotional sigh.

I didn’t see a great deal of dancing going on (apart from Eddie making some rather impressive moves on stage) and I think the lady standing next to me wasn’t that impressed when I was belting out Emergency 72, but there was a general sense of easiness in the atmosphere.  The crowd were somewhat older and obviously wiser and were there to appreciate what is an amazing live band.  I have been to many gigs in my time where artists cannot offer up a good live performance for many reasons, but these guys certainly can.  The gentle banter between them on stage to the laughs including when Eddie decided to try and sell his new jazz CD to the crowd (I had no idea he was going to do that – Olly) it was a wonderful show.  Two encores proved that there is a real love for this band and I think as an opening night it was an absolute belter.

I missed out on getting a set-list from the stage so if you are reading this guys, can you save me one from another show please?  Thank you!  As I was walking home from the gig my friend turned to me and said that she now wants to go and buy all the previous albums as she enjoyed it so much.  This basically means my job here is done.


I am lucky enough to be doing it all over again in London tomorrow and I imagine their confidence levels will have increased massively by then.  Unsurprisingly a fair few of the shows have already sold out on the tour, but if you get the chance to go and see them I would highly recommend it. They will also be appearing at various festivals throughout the summer. Check out the details on their website here.

The album Lost Property is available now.





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