Past, Present, Future – Interview with Tom Speight

In order to find out what makes our favourite artists tick, welcome to our new feature based on the idea of what’s in their musical Past, Present and Future.  The aim is to gain an insight into what inspires them and to also find out about their upcoming plans using 3 simple questions. The idea is this:

  • Past: what are their musical influences and who inspired them to get into music.
  • Present: who can they recommend in their current listening to our readers.
  • Future: what they have planned as an artist coming up and what’s next in their work.

Our very first artist to take part is someone I would call something of an up and coming old timer so to speak.  He’s been around for a fair few years now and has supported the likes of Travis, worked with Keane and The Staves amongst others and has been touring the UK and abroad with his laid back acoustic sound.

He’s released several EP’s over the last few years including This House (2009), Willow Tree (2010), Together or Alone (2012) and the latest Little Love which was released earlier this year. The title track from the latest EP has hit over 400,000 plays on Spotify and has been featured on Radio 2 and Sunday Brunch.  He’s also co-written three songs on the new Turin Brakes album Lost Property and is off on a headline UK tour in April.  He seems to be going for the title of hardest working musician in Britain!

I’ve been lucky enough to see him supporting Turin Brakes on their current Lost Property tour and even had the chance to have a chat with him over the merch stand. Personally, I’m unsure why he’s not massive, but I am predicting even better things for him in the near future.

What I find interesting about listening to him perform is his delicate, yet powerful ability to put across the emotion in his songs and the intricate way in which they are created. There’s a real intimacy with the lyrics and you can sense in his performance that there’s a strong connection behind them.  He also often sings unplugged which showcases his talent to draw in a crowd and make them feel part of the song.  Being fearless enough to go out into the depths of the audience and play unaccompanied is a wonderful trait to have and I think he makes it work incredibly well.

So without further ado, let’s meet singer songwriter Tom Speight and find out about his musical Past, Present and Future.

So Tom, who are you influences and what are the reasons why you got into music?

I would say my earliest memory is the Beatles, Simon and Garfunkel from my mums car cassettes. The biggest influence on my music now is songwriters like Neil Young, Tobias Jesso Jnr and Ryan Adams.  I just love good melodies and tunes. 

Can you recommend anyone in your current listening to our readers? Has anyone particular caught your eye?

That’s really tricky!  I loved the last Father John Misty record.  The new Blur was great!! Billie Marten is also one to watch out for! 

What does the future look like for you work-wise? Can you tell us what you have coming up?

I plan to do about 100 shows this year.  I’m currently touring with Turin Brakes for nearly a month and then I’m doing a headline tour in April.  I just love playing live!  It’s the best thing for me, lots of new songs will be coming out in between shows.

Many thanks to Tom for taking the time to speak to us.  You can catch him supporting Turin Brakes on their tour throughout February and March and on his own solo tour in April (dates and ticket info below).  If you get the chance to see him live, I would highly recommend it.

You can buy the Little Love EP on itunes or in Tom’s online store

Connect with him on various social media at:

Twitter –


Catch him on tour in Leicester, Liverpool, London or Cardiff with special guest appearances.



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