Past, Present, Future – Interview With Penny Bridges

In order to find out what makes our favourite artists tick, welcome to our new feature based on the idea of what’s in their musical Past, Present and Future.  The aim is to gain an insight into what inspires them and to also find out about their upcoming plans using 3 simple questions. The idea is this:

  • Past: what are their musical influences and who inspired them to get into music.
  • Present: who can they recommend in their current listening to our readers.
  • Future: what they have planned as an artist coming up and what’s next in their work.

Penny is a new artist that came across our radar when she submitted some tracks for us to listen to.  As always, we went away and had a listen and liked what we heard very much. So much so, that we asked her to tell us about her musical Past, Present and Future as we wanted to share her songs with you.

But before we get to that here’s a bit of background from Penny herself:

I’m a singer songwriter from Wolverhampton, UK and my name is Penny Bridges. I started out when I was 14 years of age. I’ve always had an intriguing interest for poetry, which soon lead me towards becoming a songwriter. I write not leaning towards any particular genre, but more in the moment, self thoughts as well as other peoples, scenarios or stories that I see and hear. I always like to allow the people who are listening to articulate my songs in their own time. I think that our imaginations are so powerful and beautiful and can take us anywhere in the moment, especially when listening to music.


And without further ado, onto Penny’s Past, Present and Future.


Who would you say are your musical influences and who inspired you to get into music?

As strange as it is, I never really knew or know now if it was solely bands or artists in themselves that influenced me or inspired me at the time.  I think for me music just was.  It just made sense. I was always surrounded by it  and later on I was shown artists that I could say have influenced me since. From a child I always loved artists such as Kate Bush, T.Rex, The Kinks and The Beatles to David Bowie, The Stranglers and later on I was shown more music like MF Doom to wicked artists such as Joni Mitchell, Crosby Stills and Nash and more.


Has anyone caught your eye recently that you can recommend in your current listening to our readers?

There’s so much to choose from, but I would say  Fink, Joni Mitchell, The Bullitts. 


And finally, what have you planned as an artist coming up in the future work-wise?

I’m always working on new music and experimenting. I’m currently putting songs out on Soundcloud because I want to introduce to people who I am and have a feel and understanding as to what people like etc. It’s great to the hear responses and it’s humble to know people listen and like what I am doing.  I always take on board when people feel I could add or change parts. I work closely with producer Thomas Mellor on all of my music. In the future I definitely will be working towards an EP. and I’m looking to do live performances.


Many thanks to Penny for taking the time to speak to us.  We definitely  think she will be someone to look out for in the future.  You can get in touch with Penny on social media in all the usual places and listen to her tracks on Soundcloud.  Details below: 



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