Feelgood Indie Playlist

Our friends over at Everything Indie Over 40 along with the wonderful John Hartley (aka @johnynocash) have teamed up and asked the online community to put together a list of their 12 feelgood, uplifting indie songs.  Just imagine if you had your own compilation album of indie tracks that make you feel like dancing round your kitchen!

John does a lot of campaigning for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) and this simple, but brilliant idea is to help raise awareness of the devastating impact that depression can have.CALM_Flypost_Logo

There are also some prizes up for grabs online, just check out the EIO40 Twitter page here for more info.

Below is my attempt at a track listing (which I hope will work!).  I considered the songs that I enjoy and make me want to have a bit of a boogie!  Hope you enjoy it!

Once the competition is over we’ll ask if perhaps other folks want their playlists adding to here aswell, so stay tuned.

NB: ‘Obscurity Knocks’ by The Trashcan Sinatras was meant to be on this playlist, but it’s not on Spotify so I’ve added ‘How Can I Apply?’ instead.





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