The Sounds Familiar Summer Album

Ahh, summer.  Sunshine, festivals, outdoor music and warm evenings in the garden.  Or so it should be…

It was actually quite warm in Nottingham this week which got me thinking about summer music.  You know, the tunes you maybe hear at a barbecue or blasting from cars as they drive past with the windows rolled down.  So I decided to compile my own Sounds Familiar Summer Album of the tracks that I enjoy and remind me of the sunshine.


While trawling through and noting down some of the songs I then had another idea.  Why not make it an album with two sides that are slightly different in their meaning behind the songs. So that’s exactly what I’ve done!

Welcome to Side A.  Here you will find summer tracks of many genres and across many eras of music that are happy, summery and singalong songs.  You will probably recognise most, if not all of them so play them loud :0)

And now Side B which I have called Alternative Summer.  These are the tracks that are not necessarily happy in their meaning, but still have a jolly and upbeat feel about them.  Well, to start with anyway!  As the playlist goes on it does kind of get a bit more subdued.  Think of it as the ending of a festival when you’ve had a bit too much cider and are sitting on the grass having a bit of a cry!  Very much a wind down to your summer’s day.  Hope you enjoy both sides!


Side B


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