Discover – New Music


Your weekly update on the artists that have made us sit up and listen this week.

Skytone are a Canadian duo from Ottawa who are brothers Rodney and Darius Doddridge. They are signed to The Beautiful Music label which is run by our friend Wally and when we heard their new single Second Hand Shops we just fell in love with the gorgeous, jangle sound. Have a listen below.


Sugar Coat released their track Me Instead last week via the record label The Concern. The label also supports the wonderful group Thee Concerned Citizens so we were really pleased to hear some great new music coming out.  And what a beautiful piece of music it is.  A 10″ single will be released later this year, but in the meantime, have a listen and watch the video here.


The King’s Parade are a four piece from London who have been together since 2012.  We were just bowled over with their beautiful blues soaked sound that we had to include their latest single Gathering the Pieces of a Broken Heart here.  Check out their Vagabond EP aswell as it’s pretty damn wonderful and highly, highly recommended.  We are very much in love with this band.


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