Review – Get Involved EP by Josh Robins

I am very lucky in many respects.  I get to meet and chat to lots of musicians and it’s great. But often it’s in my capacity as ‘helper’ (or sometime producer) on my friend Adam’s weekly radio show that I get to discover lots of new artists.  Both of us try to encourage and support new music and it’s been going well so far.  And that’s exactly where I first heard Josh Robins.

Adam was playing one of Josh’s tracks one week and he asked me (as he usually does) if I could write some interview questions for him as Josh would be chatting to him on the show. And I did.  It also gave me the opportunity to research and do a bit of homework on him and I liked what I heard very much.


Josh has featured on the show a few times now and we were excited to play a new song from his EP a few weeks ago.  It also gave me the perfect excuse to write about the EP and include one of the tracks on our latest playlist.

So, who is Josh Robins?  Well, he’s someone with a strong background in music after having an upbringing around it (Josh’s dad Karl is a folk musician) and writing his first song at age 13. This early experience has formed his passion for performing live and built his easy confidence to be in front of an audience and feel extremely comfortable.  He jumped from band to band over the course of a few years until he found the one that ‘stuck’ which was Lady Gray. Despite being signed to a label for two years, Josh decided that the style of music wasn’t really what he wanted to do and they parted ways.

This enabled him to revisit the music that he really loved and wanted to explore more of, British indie rock.  I’m extremely pleased to note that Josh is a fan of the Bluetones amongst others, not that I am biased in any way of course.

Cut to June 2016 and the release of his EP Get Involved.  A four track package of wonderful songwriting, heartbreaking vocals and tuneful guitar. It showcases just how talented this young man is and I predict big things for him in the future.

Opening with Love Songs, a catchy take on the current state of annoying and predictable mush that’s played on the radio, it will stick in your head and you will be singing along. Guaranteed.

Then we have a tale of relationships in the track Jack and Emma.  With beautiful guitar work and a warm simplicity you can really hear Josh’s vocal stylings throughout this track.

Next up the self proclaimed drinking song Mr Lucky.  Another singalong number which I’ve heard a number of times now and never tire of the upbeat feeling it leaves you with.  One to sing out loud I’d say.

Finally, the wonderful Not Impressed.  This is the highlight of the EP for me and the track I chose to put on a playlist due to it’s gorgeous and achingly beautiful lyrics.  I can almost hear Josh pouring his heart into this song and you can feel his pain and heartbreak.

This EP is a journey in itself and one I would suggest you take as I think we need more artists like Josh out there nowadays.  It’s always a pleasure to hear someone who is writing and performing their own music to a high standard and this is exactly what Josh brings. He tours a lot, so if you get the chance to go and see him live, take it.  I’m pretty sure you won’t be disappointed.

Follow Josh on all the usual social media – Twitter and Facebook.

Check out his website here and purchase the Get Involved EP on bandcamp.

Josh Robins
Josh Robins Leeds, 03.03.16





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