Discover – New Music


The latest artists that we have been listening to over the last few weeks.

Daisy Godfrey is someone I have often seen playing in Nottingham city centre. Accompanied by Ryan Cornall on guitar, the duo always catch my ear due to their beautiful performance of acoustic songs.  It was only last week that I actually found out their names though, so finally I have been able to look them up online and share a track with you.


Landen Russell is someone I have listened to for many years now as he used to be the lead singer in the band Jocelyn.  When the band split, Landen went on to release his own music and the result is the country inspired song below, It Ain’t Easy, which is pretty damn great. Have a listen.


Postal Blue have been around for a fair while, but I only came across them when Adam played a track of theirs on the weekly radio show I help out with.  With their delicate indie sound, it was a treat to hear and I wanted to find out a bit more.  Have a listen below to an older track Weather Sensitive.




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