Discover – New Music


Here are some of the tracks that have been on rotation this week.

The Glass Child is Charlotte Eriksson.  Her story is one of dedication to her music and art which you can read about on her website.  Her Pledge funded album Under Northern Skies was released in April this year and you can check out the track Lonely In This Love from the album below.

The Suncharms were an indie/shoegazing band from Sheffield that were originally around between 1989-1993.  After recently releasing a retrospective album of their work, the band have reunited and are working on new material which is very exciting news.  In the meantime you can find and buy their album over on Bandcamp and below is one of the tracks, Spaceship.

Mosley Bar are from the North West and we played a track over on ‘This Is How It Feels To Be Indie’ not that long ago.  They have a new EP out called Another Record Sleeve which you can buy over on iTunes.  Listen to the wonderful track Risk below.


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