Past, Present, Future – Interview With The Salient Braves

In order to find out what makes our favourite artists tick, welcome to our feature based on the idea of what’s in their musical Past, Present and Future.  The aim is to gain an insight into what inspires them and to also find out about their upcoming plans using 3 simple questions. The idea is this:

  • Past: what are their musical influences and who inspired them to get into music.
  • Present: who can they recommend in their current listening to our readers.
  • Future: what they have planned as an artist coming up and what’s next in their work.

The Salient Braves have previously featured in our weekly Discover column, but we wanted to get a bit more info out of them so we asked if they wanted to share their musical influences with us by doing a Past, Present, Future.  Matt was more than happy to do so and even tells me he had a lot of fun doing it!

Before we find out the answers to our 3 questions, let’s find out a bit of background from Matt about the band:

The Salient Braves are basically myself (Matt Bailey) and a bunch of good pals who help me out with instrumentation and production. I’m not really confident enough to operate under my own name and felt the need to hide behind a band moniker.

We’ve been around a long while, but have only managed to release 2 ep’s so far – Somewhere Sordid (Dufflecoat Recordings, 2013) and They Must Have Seen Me Coming (Broken Down Records, 2016) both of which were well received by listeners and critics alike, but were never going to set the indie pop world alight due to lack of exposure.

I would like more people to hear the songs as I’m proud of them and think they deserve a wider audience, but I write because I’m compelled to rather than a need to become successful or famous.


And now let’s find out about The Salient Braves Past, Present and Future.


Who would you say are your musical influences and who inspired you to get into music?

I’ve always been a fan of great tunes and good lyrics. But I can sometimes excuse weak words if the melodies and arrangements are absolute belters.

I must confess to being something of a musical sheep as a teenager, buying stuff mainly because my mates did or because something was trendy or in the charts and I didn’t really develop my own tastes until I’d turned 21.

Early Depeche Mode and Spandau Ballet were turntable favourites for a long time before I started getting into more literate pop from the likes of The Cure, Squeeze and The Housemartins. All these bands started to inspire me to write songs, even though I had no musical talent whatsoever.

The indie scene had passed me by, but I’d always been intrigued by the pages & charts devoted to the genre in Record Mirror or on The Chart Show and that led me to start acquiring the back catalogues of jaunty indie pop guitar bands such as The Brilliant Corners, The Chesterf!elds, Mighty Mighty, The Dentists and The Wedding Present.

Lyrics became a big fascination and I was obsessed with masters of the art like Davey Woodward (Brilliant Corners), Loz Hardy (Kingmaker), Jim Bob (Carter USM), Jarvis Cocker (Pulp) Simon Rivers (Last Party, Bitter Springs) Nigel Blackwell (HMHB) and Lawrence (Felt, Denim) who all made me want to say something worthwhile in my songwriting.

My influences grew and grew and I’d like to think there’s a bit of everything included in the Salient Braves songs; simple melodic pop tunes are king in my little world.


Has anyone caught your eye recently that you can recommend in your current listening to our readers?

The present is a slightly more difficult question to answer as I don’t really give current artists much of a chance as the scene has become a tad pretentious in my eyes with more emphasis on style than substance. Perhaps it’s always been that way and I have a very selective memory.

I’m also so wrapped up in trying to record and produce my own material that I’m guilty of being in a bubble and ignoring most other stuff going on, which is very selfish of me I suppose.

Anything new that I do tend to listen to is generally obscure or off the radar such as The Broken Heed, Charlie Big Time and Little Mix (Joke!!!!!) 😉


And finally, what have you planned as an artist coming up in the future work-wise?

We don’t tend to play live very often due to lack of interest and other such issues, although I did perform a solo slot at the recent Calmapalooza fundraiser at The Parish in Huddersfield.

The Braves are due in the studio to record a new ep this autumn and we will hopefully release our first full-length album in 2017 and we’re in the process of sorting the tracks for that at the moment.

I’m also working on an electronic project with my engineer/producer Neil Ritchie at Ace Things which is a bit of a departure and has been very enjoyable. The band are called High Rise Finale and we think the songs are great, but then again we would, wouldn’t we?



Many thanks to Matt for speaking to us and giving us a little look into the world of The Salient Braves.  We’ve very happy to share their work with you and hope you’ll give them a listen and buy the ep.  You can get in touch with Matt on social media in all the usual places and listen to the tracks on Bandcamp.  Details below:





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