Gig Review – Feeder Live In Nottingham

14 October 2016 at Rock City, Nottingham

A bit late to the site with this one, but let’s give it a go and see what I can remember about seeing Feeder just over a week ago.


Despite the band having played in Nottingham on numerous occasions (including at the Splendour festival) I had never managed to catch Feeder live.  I’d been a fan since the release of Comfort In Sound back in 2002 and decided that seeing them was long overdue. As soon as the tickets went on sale for Rock City I booked them.  A couple of mates from work also wanted to go so it became something of a trip out for us.

The brand new album, All Bright Electric, had been released not long before the gig and I hadn’t got round to picking up my copy yet.  My mate Adam went to try and get the CD in Fopp the day before, but all the copies had gone.  It seemed that Nottingham was getting ready for the sold out gig on the Friday night.

We got to Rock City just as the support band (The Virginmarys) were finishing their set so I can’t give you any info on them apart from the fact that they were loud!  The assembled crowd seemed to be in a good mood though so I can only assume they were a fitting opening act.  Drinks and a tour t-shirt were purchased and we took a spot towards the back of the room where I had my eye on a poster that I wanted to pinch later on.  (I didn’t in case you were wondering).

feeder 1.JPG

Feeder arrived on the stage to much applause and set the scene for the evening by opening with Another Day On Earth from the new album.  Over the course of the set we were treated to a great mix of new songs such as the single Eskimo and the older, crowd pleasing classics to keep the energy in the room up.

Not long after they had started we moved past the crowd and managed to get a great view side on to the stage where we could see both Grant and Taka bouncing around. The set took us through Feeling A Moment, Pushing The Senses and to High which got the audience singing loudly along.  Grant looked very comfortable on stage and threw out a massive smile as he acknowledged the crowd and how happy the band were to be back at Rock City.

One of the things I noticed throughout the evening was that there was no concept of time at all.  I had no idea how long they had been playing and I didn’t want it to end at all.  It was probably one of the most relaxing (if that’s the right word) gigs I have ever been to.


Continuing onwards we had the likes of Tender, Come Back Around, Insomnia and Just The Way I’m Feeling before the familiar opening of what is possibly their most famous song, Buck Rogers, chimed out to finish the set.  The audience loved it and once it was over, demanded more.

The boys returned to the stage to play a couple more numbers and even asked us which song we would like to hear.  Now, my friend Adam had been waiting all night to hear his favourite track, Just A Day.  As the end seemed to be nigh, he took his leave and waved us a hasty goodbye before disappearing into the crowd as he had a train to catch.  Literally 5 minutes after he had left the band played their final song of the evening.  And guess which one it was? I haven’t had the heart to tell him yet so Adam if you’re reading this, you missed it kid.  And it was awesome.  Highly, highly recommended as a live band.


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