Discover – New Music


Some of the new tracks that we have been enjoying this week.

We’ve featured them a few times before and as big supporters of their music here at Sounds Familiar we were excited to hear the new track by Apollo Junction.  Big things are happening for the boys from Leeds this year including touring, festivals and hopefully an album in the works.  Have a listen to Paris below.


Another band we have a soft spot for is the Delphina Kings from the North West.  We’ve been following them with interest and are pleased to share their latest single Lovestruck with you which was released yesterday.


BrokenDown Records features a great line up of artists including The Salient Braves and The Broken Heed who we have featured in the past.  Run by our friend Johny Nocash, we were pleased when he got in touch to share with us a mini album that he has been working on himself.  The Bug is an album of seven songs and it’s limited to twenty copies only.  You can pre-order now for release on 24 February.  Take a listen to Egg and Cheese Man below.


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