Live Music – Paul Tabor at The Greyhound Derby

12 August at The Greyhound, Derby

Ahh, live music.  You can’t beat it in whatever form it comes in.  And tonight I would be listening to someone I had been promoting for a while do a set in a local pub in Derby.  I had promised to go and see him on many occasions, but it had never fallen right.  Until now.

I’d first heard Paul sing with his band The Panama Scots a few years back when they were supporting Mark Morriss, again in a pub in Derby.  I was very taken with their sound and so much so I wrote their name on my hand in the dark so I could remember who they were.  I’ve monitored what they’ve been up to since and was keen to hear Paul do some solo stuff.


So, Saturday night came round and I found myself walking up the road to the Greyhound pub just as a massive fire was being tended to by the fire brigade.  Hopefully not an omen to the night ahead.  I don’t often get into Derby as I’m a bit lazy and I also say that Nottingham has great venues so why go outside of it, but I have to say me and my friends liked the Greyhound very much.  It was spacious inside and out, had a nice outside area and we were sorely tempted by the menu as we witnessed some lovely looking food being brought out.

Live music is on the bill every week and Paul was here tonight (and on his birthday I hasten to add) to do a 2 hour set of cover versions.  It takes a lot of bottle to get up on your own with just a guitar for company and I was impressed by his performance and how he interacted with the audience.  There were clearly lots of locals in who were happy enough to join in with singing and also a bit of dancing as the night went on.


We were treated to a range of songs from the likes of The Smiths via Queen to Oasis with a bit of REM thrown in for good measure.  All were performed with great passion and it was nice to see someone enjoying themselves whilst playing to their audience.  I was a bit unsure when I heard the opening to ‘Let’s Dance’ by David Bowie as it’s not what I’d expect to hear as an acoustic number, but I needn’t have worried.  Everyone joined it and it was a very nice interpretation.

Paul was joined later on in the evening by a couple band-mates from yet another of his bands The Cheeky Vimtos, and they did a few tracks from their wedding reception repartee.  There was a bit of Abba plus some Whitney Houston amongst others and it went down a treat with the assembled crowd.  I have to say, the trio looked like they were having a lot of fun performing and it’s always nice to see when groups have real chemistry together.


I think it’s safe to say that a great evening was had by all and although I didn’t get to hear any of Paul’s original material, I’m sure I will soon as he does regular nights at the Greyhound and other local pubs.  Find all his contact info below and if you’re out and about and he’s playing, make sure you give him a listen as you’ll be in for a real treat.


Follow Paul on Facebook, Twitter and listen to him on Soundcloud

Panama Scots on Facebook and on Soundcloud

Cheeky Vimtos on Facebook, Twitter and on Soundcloud


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