In this section you will find various articles on all aspects of music. These are ideas that have come to me or the musings I have and want to share. Recordings / Podcasts are also included here.

We’re Putting The Band Back Together – musings on band break ups and make ups

Music and Memory – why is the link between music and memory so emotive?

Making You A Mixtape – the beauty of making a tape for someone you want to impress

Misheard Lyrics – a few amusing lyric changes to make you laugh

Independent Venue Week – does the venue make or break the gig?

My Optimist Story or How Turin Brakes Made Me Cool – the reasons why this band mean a lot to me

Are You Listening? – is the way in which we listen to music important?

Going Back To My Roots – my music journey and the shops that matter

Twenty Years of Expecting to Fly by The Bluetones – my tribute to the anniversary of the debut album

So, Why Not Rubber Soul By The Beatles? – Guest article by Rob Morgan on why he loves this album

Music Shop Lovers Of The World Unite – the ongoing debate on buying physical music

Has Twitter Changed Music? – why is social media good for music?

Physical vs Downloading – the debate on how you buy your music

The Sounds Familiar Music Road Trip – musings from on the road

Music Fans, Cliques and Backstage Parties – what does being a music fan really mean?

Thirty Years Of Crowded House – my tribute to thirty years of my favourite band

Gig Experiences – a few words on going to gigs

Recordings / Podcasts

Turin Brakes on Artist Controlled Radio – the boys from Balham host their own radio show

Sounds Familiar Podcast #1 – some of the music that has been on rotation in our world recently

The Bluetones Podcast Special – take a trip through The Bluetones albums in this podcast special

Sounds Familiar Podcast #2 – have a listen to what’s been playing in our world lately

Sounds Familiar Podcast #3 – the gig podcast!  Featuring the artists we’ve seen live recently

Sounds Familiar Podcast #4 – bank holiday edition!  Featuring some of the artists that have been in our articles lately

Sounds Familiar Podcast #5 – an eclectic mix of artists and genres for your ears plus a few dedications

Sounds Familiar Podcast #6 – another mixture of artists and styles for you to listen to

Sounds Familiar Podcast #7 – more music, less chat this time!


Is The Single A Thing Of The Past? – a selection of songs that should have been released as singles

Feelgood Indie Playlist – our own indie compilation put together for a very good reason

The Sounds Familiar Summer Album – two playlists of tracks for the summer

The Sounds Familiar Discover New Music Playlist – nearly all the artists from our Discover series

The Sounds Familiar Discover New Music Playlist Version 2.0 – our updated Discover playlist

The Sounds Familiar Poptastic Gems Playlist – sit back and listen to some great artists you might not have heard in a while

Essential Top Ten Turin Brakes – our article and playlist of the top ten tracks as chosen by us

Essential Top Ten Crowded House – our article and playlist of ten tracks as an introduction to the band

Essential Top Ten Phil Collins – our article and playlist of ten tracks as an introduction to his music