Sounds Familiar Podcast #7

A brand new podcast for you which is slightly different to the previous ones.  This time there's no chat from me, just the music to listen to. With artists such as Ben Folds, INXS, Mark Morriss and The National I hope you enjoy it!    


Essential Top Ten Crowded House

Following on from my Essential Top Ten Turin Brakes article, I recently wrote another piece for Toppermost on my all time favourite band, the marvellous Crowded House. It was a very difficult piece for me to write and selecting just ten tracks to share as a worthy introduction to the band was almost impossible.  I gave … Continue reading Essential Top Ten Crowded House

The Sounds Familiar Poptastic Gems Playlist

After randomly looking through my iPod earlier in the week I came across the brilliant song No Tomorrow by American band Orson and realised that firstly, I didn't even know I had it and secondly what a great song it is.  So I've been playing it ever since. This then got me thinking about those forgotten gems … Continue reading The Sounds Familiar Poptastic Gems Playlist

The Sounds Familiar Discover New Music Playlist – Version 2.0

Guess what folks?  We've updated our new music playlist and added on some more of our weekly Discover artists past and upcoming for your delight. Enjoy listening to our updated selection including additions from Postal Blue, Dot Dash, Andrew Foster and Clean Cut Kid to name but a few.  See what you can discover! reading The Sounds Familiar Discover New Music Playlist – Version 2.0