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Squeeze Change Lyrics Live On Air

David Bowie RIP

RIP Glenn Frey

George Michael RIP


New Music – 6 May 2016 featuring Ginger Tom, Distant Sun and The Panama Scots

New Music – 27 May 2016 featuring Dodgy, The Salient Braves and Seafret

New Music – 3 June 2016 featuring Tom Speight, Chris T-T and Penny Bridges

New Music – 10 June 2016 featuring Apollo Junction, Tom Ryder and Lake Ruth

New Music – 17 June 2016 featuring Alice Jemima, Crystal Balloon and Crowded House

New Music – 24 June 2016 featuring Aztek and Delphina Kings

New Music – 1 July 2016 featuring Alex Hulme, Some Kind Of Illness and Ships Have Sailed

New Music – 8 July 2016 featuring Skytone, Sugar Coat and The King’s Parade

New Music – 15 July 2016 featuring Daisy Godfrey, Landen Russell and Postal Blue

New Music – 22 July 2016 featuring Golden Spike, Andrew Foster and Nick Howe

New Music – 29 July 2016 featuring Kodiak Island, Penny Bridges and Dot Dash

New Music – 5 August 2016 featuring The Glass Child, The Suncharms and Mosley Bar

New Music – 12 August 2016 featuring Clean Cut Kid, Bauer and Blue Helix

New Music – 19 August 2016 featuring Say The Word, Adam Collins and Eyre Llew

New Music – 26 August 2016 featuring Misnoma, Twin Kidd and Dear Jerome

New Music – 2 September 2016 featuring Fi-Lo Beddow, The Kings Parade and Serinette

New Music – 9 September 2016 featuring Rich Stephenson, Mosaic and The Psychomotors

New Music – 16 September 2016 featuring Capital Eye, Lane Change and Stables

New Music – 23 September 2016 featuring Council, Coastals and Tom Moriarty

New Music – 30 September 2016 featuring Giuseppe Santa Sauce, Apollo Junction and Xenberg

New Music – 21 October 2016 featuring Baum Jr., Melanie Crew and Palace Winter

New Music – 28 October 2016 featuring La Forme, Phil Cooper and The Elephant Trees

New Music – 4 November 2016 featuring Rupert Stroud, Super 8 Cynics and Delphina Kings

New Music – 11 November 2016 featuring Baz D, Sourfish and Vadea

New Music – 19 November 2016 featuring Connor Roff, ABT.LST.NT and Collaspable Hearts Club

New Music – 21 January 2017 featuring Mosley Bar, Baum Jr and Paul Tabor

New Music – 28 January 2017 featuring The Nearlys, Dot Dash and The Salient Braves

New Music – 4 February 2017 featuring Narrow Waves, Chris Bloor and Rainy

New Music – 11 February 2017 featuring Five Mile Smile, One Man Revival and Sleeping Lion

New Music – 18 February 2017 featuring Apollo Junction, Delphina Kings and Johny Nocash

New Music – 2 April 2017 featuring Penny Bridges, The Kings Parade and The Lottery Winners

New Music – 27 November 2017 featuring Delphina Kings, Loveproof and The Panama Scots

New Music – 18 March 2018 featuring Joseph Knight, Five Mile Smile and Apollo Junction